Critic’s Reviews

Really funny and obviously a good writer.

Jimmy Brogan, Head Writer – “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”


“We knew he was one of the best comedians working. We were lucky to get him.”

David Wain – Director, “The Ten”


“Funny stuff and well played by Heigl and the cabdriver, Michael Ziegfeld who both make the most of the slapstick possibilities.”

E Talk Hollywood


“… such a pro and so fun to work with. The pleasure was all ours!”                                  

– Carter Swan & Kevin Spacey, Executive Producers – Trigger Street Productions


“… precise and nuanced. That short scene demonstrates just about the most perfect manipulation  I’ve ever seen.“

Alan Semok, Film & Television FX Master


” … a comedian with serious acting chops!”

Jonathan Stern – Executive Producer, “Children’s Hospital”/City Lights Pictures


“He was fantastic. I’ve given raves and blessings on him.”

Dusty Bennett, Disney Broadway Theatrical Productions


“With his technical craftsmanship and clever script, he is the most impressive voice-thrower to hit the showroom stage in many years…a spicy, winning performance!”

Chuck Darrow, Courier Post – Atlantic City


“He has certainly made a lot of new fans since his arrival….”

Bob Dee, Fun & Gaming Magazine – Reno/Tahoe


“He sends audiences into an uproarious frenzy!”

Lori Beth Sussman, Jackpot Magazine – Gulf Coast


“He’s the perfect blend of talent…warm, friendly and delightfully funny!”

John Kravitz,  NBC – Atlantic City


“We laughed our heads off. Absolutely brilliant!”

Caroline Hunt, Marcey-Carsey Television Syndication


“He wouldn’t let the audience breathe! They were holding their stomachs from laughter pains.”

Darren Romeo, Siegfried & Roy Productions


“Ziegfeld bandies with the audience so well!”

Mel Shields, Showtime Magazine – Nevada


“He has great range!” Cathey Lizzio, CED Agency


“Michael is a virtual whirlwind of talent!” Nancy Glass, Anchor – American Journal


“You rarely see such showmanship anymore…he’s just wonderful!” The Amazing Kreskin


“He’s got something that audiences welcome, charm & talent!”

Arthur Novell, Celebrity Publicist – Markham/Novell LTD.


“He’s so multifaceted because he has really studied the business.”

Greg Thompson, Guinness World Record Stage Producer


“Besides being hilarious, he has a great voice, character acting skills and even made me tear up at times.”Evie Aronson, LAST COMIC STANDING