“… fascinating insights … fast-paced … slickly produced and went off without a hitch!”




“Working with Michael was a complete breakthrough for me. Coming from operatic training, no one had ever coached me about how to take a singing a performance and make it personal. For twenty years, I’d been performing at audiences without authenticity.

As a director, I don’t know anyone who knows the craft better, the ins and outs of a theatre- lights, technical, stage. Michael generously takes you through the entire process of creating a show and leaves nothing a mystery. He is a caring and nurturing expert and I now feel I have a product that I can take anywhere in the world and it’ll translate- because it’s real!”





         “Each of the three, theatrical productions Michael directed were super.

He’s the whole package and one stop shop.”


The Mirage, The Bellagio, Treasure Island





“You are fantastic and a joy to work with!”

MELISSA RIVERS, Fashion Police 






Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.33.15 PM





“When I was trying to figure out what my digital pilot was, Michael came on board and added immediate clarity.  He has an ability to help you find what you want, in your voice.  He’s also a fantastic director.   His ability to understand post-production and guide you along through that, makes him the complete package.”

 DEEPAK SETHI, Writer/Comedian





“HA! I knew you were a great writer but damn, you’re brilliant! You probably just wrote all of this within a few minutes. ME? I had to stare at the computer for a week. THANK YOU!”


The Illusionists on Broadway



“Wow, thank you for so much coverage on the script.

These are laugh out loud funny!  Seriously! “

ERIK KUSKA, Writer/Director




“He’s a hilarious writer.”

LAVELLE LEE, VP of Development

Land Before Time, Anastasia, An American Tail, Secret of Nihm, Dragon’s Lair








“Working with a director on a cabaret wasn’t something I’d ever considered doing. I find the medium extremely personal.  However when I finally decided to take that step Michael was able to help me clarify story points and step out of myself in a way that made my show more successful than I ever could have imagined.  His help was a great way to take my live shows to their next level.“






“MP took my act and guided me to find the verbal thread and the physical stage movement for the theatre. I was asked to try things, asked to keep an open mind, and given permission to abandon it if I felt it wouldn’t go the direction I wanted. He also gave me something to focus on other than how the performance would go!”




My work as a cartoonist and national journalist for CBS News has made me realize the importance of Michael’s skills.  Understanding an audience is key, as is communicating with them and entertaining them.  He has a depth of knowledge in many areas, including comedy, directing, writing, presenting information, audience dynamics, and much more.  His impressive experience and skill set are only the beginning.  He also has the skill of explaining skills. 

I have also worked with Michael on production teams where I find him professional, punctual and reliable.  On a personal note, his conscientiousness is matched by his kindness and thoughtfulness.  He is a friend to many, with a way of remembering what is special to people.”

MITCH BUTLER, Journalist




“.. he challenged my personaScreen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.15.02 AMl weaknesses and helped me develop as a performer. As a “newbie” to center-stage performance, I was very green and had a lot to learn in terms of putting a show together, stage presence, and audience interaction. Over the course of our rehearsals and workshops, Michael was able to instill true freedom in my performance: worrying less about what other people think, and learning to enjoying the artistic process for myself as a musician/entertainer and person.

His approach to directing is truly holistic – with consideration of mind, body and spirit, PLUS his knowledge of fully packaging the show, including promo materials. Michael is a consummate professional and hilarious to work with: our time together was steeped in fun and laughter. ”

  JAMES CLARK, Australian Symphony Cellist








“Thanks for making it all so easy.”






“Michael,  the special looks fabulous. Emmy eligible for Special Event and Directing.”

BRENT STANTON, Executive Director

Emmy Awards






“Thank you for making it all so easy. You made me glad to be a part of it.”

HENRY WINKLER, Producer, Author, Actor, Icon





 “What I really liked about his writing were the marvelously odd and specific details. The self-deprecating gags and the harsh, truth-telling gags were the best. And the magician’s father’s funeral scene was a comedy classic.”








“In one day, he brought in fresh ideas and very useable material that other writers couldn’t accomplish. Insightful notes on characters, pacing, structure, and other theatrical elements, knowing what the strengths were and how to play them, never straying from the original vision of the show and keeping all the comedic material in context.

Communication is always done with professionalism and respect. Collaboration with Michael is smooth and notes are presented with direct, honest comments. He knows the craft of building shows with the ability to make a marketable product and how to sell that product.

I know of no one else that can bring so much to the table as Michael Paul Ziegfeld.”

International Illusionist, CHARLES BACH



Julia Stewart, CEO

One of Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women

“I have worked with probably 100 production crews in my career—you were one of the best!  I just wanted to say thank you. Your professionalism was only out done by your respectful and caring interactions.”





“Working with Michael during the flushing out process was the collaboration I needed. After our sessions, ideas clicked and became clear,  making my original story fun and funny.”

DAVID MANLEY, Artistic Director




“Thanks for making the shoot a remarkable and wonderful day, keeping it light, casual, and fun  while demonstrating talent and expertise. “

John Ferdenzi, President 




JeriSagerPRshot1“Michael’s process for preparing quickly for a scene is dead on. In a very short time, my videotaped, television audition scenes had arc, movement and a depth I had never achieved so quickly. When all was said and done, my agent, who NEVER says anything, wrote back and said “Fantastic audition!” Besides being a great friend, and fantastic performer himself, I now count Michael as my incredible acting coach.”

JERI SAGER, Actress – Cats, Sunset Boulevard




Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.16.24 PM


“Michael Paul is one of the most incredible acting coaches I have worked with. In preparation for an audition for Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, he helped me lock in the voice of the role Quassimodo. And I booked the gig!!! Michael’s style is fantastic. The way he describes placement and technique will not only help a seasoned actor, but also a newbie just starting.”

  BOBBY CASSELL, Actor – Spring Awakenings




“I can’t thank you enough for your help.  My improv was off the charts tonight! You are so incredible and so talented. Thank you for sharing your advice with me. It totally changed how I felt on stage and the confidence I have with the audience!”

JENNIFER JOSEPH LIER,  Former Miss Nevada/Entertainer/ CEO






TONY COLON, VP of Unscripted

“I first met Michael Paul Ziegfeld while at Comedy Central in 2003.  Since then, Michael receives the call for help from multiple mediums because he has truly studied the business.  In an age where people must wear multiple hats to compete for employment, he has an encyclopedia of information providing a fluid, unique, diverse sensibility.”



RACHEL WOLFE, Director of Production

“Michael Paul is our go to when we are looking for someone to manage difficult or sensitive clients and oversee production on our large scale events. We produce over 300 award style events and corporate meetings a year and are grateful to have him on our call list.”




Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.02.52 PM

DAVID COOK, Musical Director


“I first met him in 2001 when he stepped in last minute to technically design a concert that moved the audience by marrying the look to the sound. What resulted was a performance that led artist, Shayna Steele to a record deal, several recordings and eventually gigs around the world.

I had once seen  his variety show when he was performing. He had the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire hour, and it was a treat to see someone with such attention to detail and love of craft. There are quite a few things in common between jazz musicians and comedians: always trying to be ahead of the curve, total and complete immersion in the scene, ability to improvise or simply execute rehearsed material – and I have constantly been impressed with Michael in all of these regards. His clients will benefit immensely.”



Peter McCain, The International Ballroom

“He is one of our most sought after producers and show callers and an amazing talent in his own right. You could not be in more capable hands.”




JUAN CANTU, Producer

“I don’t recommend doing Avenue Q without Michael Paul Ziegfeld. Period. His knowledge of puppetry and comedic timing is unparalleled. Even though he had worked on Q many times, he came in and asked about my vision for the show.

During rehearsals, he offered wonderful solutions to tricky staging challenges. He challenged the actors to take their wonderful musical theatre skill and talent and infuse it in to their puppets. After a week or so of work, suddenly what was just foam, felt and eyes came to life as a character that the audience will be able to relate to and love.

His sense of humor added a much needed lift to what could easily be a stressful mood. He truly set the tone for this very human and fun show!”



Mina Trujillo, Business Conference Producer

“Thank you for returning as show director this year. You were magic!”





BOBBI TAYLOR,  Entertainment Coordinator

“I am acutely aware of someone’s abilities to teach others, to “get the job accomplished,” and maintain a high regard for technical precision and production values.

Michael Paul has all of these abilities.  He has immense knowledge of Stage and Theater, with a vast spectrum of twenty-five years experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry.  He is able to work with any type of person and personality, from stagehand to top headliner, with finesse and grace.”




“Thank you so, so much. You made it go perfectly, without a hitch!”





NICK BUZZELL, President / Executive Producer

“Content development, comedy, television, and live events,  Michael Paul Ziegfeld remains relevant and in demand. His detailed career makes for a significant contribution.”



BETH GRUBER, Past National President

“Michael was essential to our national, Centennial Celebration weekend.  His direction on scripting and run of show, provided flawless success for our three main events.”





“Remarkable, flawless, first-rate production.”



SAMANTHA HO, Corporate Comm. & Branding


“You were so fantastic. You have no idea the amount of compliments I’ve heard about you.”



JOVAN C. BOWLES , Director of Development

“Our anniversary show was by far our BEST and it was hugely in part to your oh-so-calm-under-pressure show running. You’re a master.”