“I’ve Never Heard of Him.”

Running multiple  careers simultaneously and yet, no one knows who I am, was why Post Hill Publishing asked me to write this past years’ critically acclaimed book, “Breaking Out of Show Business: What I Discovered by Not Being Discovered”.

My first job was interning at KYW-TV, Philadelphia mentored by now established executive producers like Ed Glavin (Ellen DeGeneres Show) and Glen Davish (The View).

A decade later my career in comedy allowed me to share the stage with people like James Brown, Joan Rivers, Lisa Lampanelli and Lewis Black. There were television and movie credits along side Winona Ryder, Paul Rudd & Katherine Heigl, a voice over and puppeteering career for  SNL, Disney and Jim Henson. It’s all at  www.MichaelPaulOnline.com.

But I got tired of spending more time with TSA agents than my family. Luckily I found other things I was good at, now writing, directing and production consulting for up-and- comers and some of the biggest superstar icons.

Director/Writer/Celebrity Panacea



“He has something that audiences welcome.”
Arthur Novell, Publicist & Foundation Director of The Jim Henson Company